Improving Visitor Management at the Hybrid Office

It’s important to have a smooth visitor management process in place to welcome visitors to the office and enhance the workplace experience.

April 6, 2023


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Employees are back working in-person in full force. Now, it’s time to extend the invitation to visitors. Welcoming visitors to the office is a critical part of in-person collaboration. Whether it’s to meet a client, or for an event (like an open house or networking), it’s important to have a smooth visitor management process in place.

Hybrid work calls for a new approach to managing the office. As you update your policies, don’t forget to include procedures for guests. It’s also the perfect opportunity to streamline your office operations by using a workplace management solution to welcome visitors. Additionally, you can mitigate your office’s security, health, and safety risks by using a visitor management system.

Here are three ways visitor management software can enhance the workplace experience:

1. Keeping Track of Health and Safety

You take great lengths to ensure that your employees satisfy both company and local health and safety requirements before entering the office. The same standard needs to apply to any office visitors to preserve and uphold these health and safety measures. Keeping this recorded in your workplace management solution ensures that it was an approved visit and compliance was met.

In addition to safety requirements, a touchless registration, check-in process, and check-out experience ensures minimal exposure to staff and visitors. Even though it is touchless, the process is seamless and supports detailed record-keeping for contact tracing. It also means that visitors can quickly complete the required forms and start their visit. To ensure that there are no health concerns before a guest’s arrival, your solution should require that a health assessment be completed in advance. Should they fail the health assessment, the visitor management app will decline their visit. This helps to keep everyone safe by ensuring that the guest is complying with any existing company policies and reduces the potential spread of illness.

2. Delivering Quality Visitor Experiences

Visiting an office space for the first time can be a stressful experience. Finding the right elevator, accessing the correct floor, all while getting connected with the appropriate contact can be a lot to handle. Ensure that your visitor management system does not add any more stress by being easy-to-use and quick to complete.

A great visitor experience begins before arriving on site. Visitors can register in advance through the app to ensure that all the correct information is captured before their arrival. This expedites the check-in process and helps your administrative staff to keep neat records of all visitors and their information.

In addition, the hosting staff member gets an automatic notification upon the visitor’s check in at the front desk. The employee can go to greet their guest promptly to ensure minimal waiting time. If the guest has uploaded a photo to the system, the host can ensure that they are connecting with the right person. The visitor has a smooth arrival process and is on their way to a positive experience in your office space.

3. Enhanced Security Practices

The hybrid office presents enhanced security risks – and welcoming visitors is a part of these considerations. Using a visitor management system allows for heightened security because of the ability to keep everything logged in one place. Before visitors enter the office, they can upload their photo to the app or take an image on-site. This also helps the staff member to identify the correct visitor when they arrive.

As well, there is a clear record of approved office visits and a log of guests. Any intruders can be identified as unapproved visitors to protect the safety of both staff and visitors. The entire experience is improved when employees and guests can be worry-free.

Why Visitor Management is Important

If you weren’t using a visitor management system before, now is certainly the time to start. Enabling technology presents an opportunity to improve the overall visitor experience. In addition to a seamless guest experience, staff will also experience greater health and safety alongside stronger security practices. It’s exciting to welcome visitors to the office – make sure that they are having a great experience.

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