Enhance your workplace security

Protect your staff, your space, and your peace of mind with Nspace.

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Protect your workplace with Nspace

Nspace is a trusted workspace platform for companies of all sizes.

Visitor tracking

Flag unwanted visitors

In the pre-registration process, restricted visitors will not be allowed to complete the workflow. Your security team will be notified to carry out protocol.

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Collect signed documents

Track down any onsite colleagues effortlessly. Nspace shows when teammates will be in the office and enables employees to locate their peers with Visit Planner.

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Protect your intellectual property
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Get alerts for unauthorized visitors
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Safeguard confidential spaces and data

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

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Make audits pain-free

Customize sign-in requirements and collect all the visitor information you need to meet your regulatory and compliance requirements

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Everything you need to keep your staff safe.

From privacy and compliance to intellectual property protection, Nspace covers it all.

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Cloud-based service with secure data storage
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Single sign-on (SSO) for your staff
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Security protocols by pre-screening visitors
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Tools to keep everyone safe.

Maintain safety and security protocols with Nspace.


Integrated with the tools you already use.

Office 365 and more

Employees are the heart of the modern, hybrid organization — and the focus of the Nspace user experience. Staff can easily book a desk right from their phone or browser, and quickly find their workstation, teammates, and meeting rooms when they arrive. Welcome to the hybrid workplace that works for everyone.

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Building a world-class organization

Hybrid work resources

From checklists, to industry reports, we have everything you need to feel confident about rolling out hybrid work at your company.