Simple room booking for hybrid offices

Find it. Book it. Collaborate. Do it all with industry-leading workplace software from Nspace.

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Collaboration powers business. Nspace powers collaboration.

Companies of all sizes trust the Nspace room booking solution.

built for Collaboration

Create a teamwork-driven office

Productive teams thrive on focused, face-to-face interaction. Nspace makes it wasy to book the room you need to make it happen.

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View room details including amenities and available seats via interactive floor plans
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Quickly reserve via booking panels outside each meeting room
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Invite external guests to the meeting by attaching a unique visitor link
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Remote Booking

Mobile booking

Need to book a room on the fly? No problem. Easily book a space on your phone, no matter your location.

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

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Booking panel

Hybrid work

Provide users with a convenient way to view the availability of meeting rooms in real-time and book their hybrid meetings.

Virtual work isn't going away – but neither is your real estate portfolio. See how Nspace supports the in-person side of hybrid to power collaboration.

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Integrates with the tools you already use

Book rooms right from your existing office collaboration software, including Microsoft Outlook and Teams.

Implement Nspace into your existing technology stack with confidence. We guide you through the entire onboarding process.

leaders love Nspace

Leading companies of all sizes trust Nspace. Read our testimonials to find out why.

“The Nspace experience has been really positive, and the software is brilliant. Lots of folks have asked us what we’ve been using and Nspace is our secret happy find.”

Kyla Lougheed
Director of Operations, United Way
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"Nspace helps administration to keep a collection of the forms. The visitors experience flexibility by accessing required forms via a QR code or link.”

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Elizabeth Hidalgo
Office Manager, MSG
BDO LOGO Nsapce client

“Nspace gives our employees peace of mind to re-enter the office safely – which is invaluable, and has de-stressed a lot of what we do."

Jim Krahn
Managing Partner, BDO
Easiest way to book a ROom

How room scheduling works

Find the right room

Location? Amenities? Capacity? Nspace puts a complete view at your fingertips so you know you're booking the right room for your needs. Staff can modify and book reservations as well, freeing up resources for other teams as circumstances change.

Nspace find the right room office blueprint

Bring the team together

Meet face to face for true, real-time interactions that boost creativity, productivity, and job satisfaction, as well as improve communication and team morale.

Nspace office in person meeting - collaboration

Track occupancy data

Use real-time insights into room utilization to spot trends, identify in-demand resources, and re-allocate real estate as necessary.


Business leaders choose Nspace

"We had no formal process for room scheduling. Nspace provided a centralized platform to manage and schedule conference rooms, avoiding conflicts and double bookings. We've also optimized our room policies to reduced time we wasted by not planning our meetings ahead."

Free download

Return-to-Office Toolkit

Re-opening for hybrid work? The Return-to-Office Toolkit has all the information you need to welcome employees back safely and effectively.

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What is meeting room booking/office space booking system?

The Nspace room booking system is interactive software that makes it easy for staff to:
- identify meeting rooms by location and amenities
- view room schedule and book space as needed
- identify room usage trends to make data-driven decisions on real estate planning

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How to choose the best room booking solution?

There are several factors to consider when choosing a room booking software:

1. Ease of use: How many clicks or taps to book a room? The harder it is, the lower your office utilization.

2. Calendar integration:  How easily can you find and book rooms from Microsoft Outlook or Teams?

3. Detailed listings: Solutions that list room amenities like whiteboards, projectors, and other tools make sure your teams reserve the right room for the job.

4. Mobile access:  How easily can staff book rooms on the go?

5. Scalability & Cost: Solutions that scale to add or remove functionality as needed will grow with your company without incurring unnecessary cost.

6. Analytics: Look for room booking solutions that provide occupancy data and trends, enabling facility managers to make smart planning decisions.

7. Notifications: Does your room booking solution send notifications to staff about upcoming reservations?

8. Customer service: Every company loves to sign new customers. How many are committed to their long-term success with best-in-class support?

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Does Nspace integrate room booking with Office 365?

Nspace room booking software integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to provide a seamless and efficient tool for employees to manage and schedule their use of office space.

This integration allows employees to:
-Book and schedule a room directly from their Outlook calendar and Teams
-Send and receive booking confirmations and reminders via email
-Sync availability with their calendar to easily identify when a room is free or occupied
-Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in using their Office 365 credentials

By integrating with Office 365, employees can easily manage their office space and schedule, empowering them to focus on their work and team collaboration rather than worrying about room availability.

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What are the top use cases for a room booking solution?

1. Reserving meeting rooms for internal use
2. Managing meeting rooms in shared spaces such as coworking offices.
3. Auto-alerting support staff to prepare and clean up space as required.

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Nspace room booking app (iOS and Android)

The Nspace mobile app is available both on iOS and Android, making it a breeze to book conference rooms as well as manage and schedule office space.

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Does Nspace offer French support?

Yes! The Nspace platform is fully French-English bilingual.

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Is there a free tier for Nspace?

Yes! This tier is a great solution for smaller offices to see how Nspace meets your needs and preferences for ease of use by staff and data-driven insights for office managers.

Start for free

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How much does Nspace cost?

Explore our pricing tiers for companies of all sizes, from start-up to enterprise.

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How long is Nspace free for?

Nspace is free for one year for any offices under 20 people.

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Does offer an enterprise solution?

Absolutely. In fact, Nspace is designed, built, and used at scale by Arcadis IBI Group, a multinational firm with 33,000+ employees.

Nspace powers hybrid offices for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, providing:
-centralized management
-improved communication
-team collaboration
-cost savings
-increased flexibility
-tracking and reporting
-compliance with local laws and regulations

Explore Nspace for Enterprise today.

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Does Nspace support multi-location facilities?

Yes! Nspace is a flexible platform that supports both centralized and decentralized office models, ensuring a consistent experience and providing analytics across your real estate portfolio.

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Does Nspace drive cost savings?

Yes! By providing detailed reports, heat mapping and analytics, Nspace helps facility managers optimize the use of office space and reduce maintenance costs across multiple locations.

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