Make data-driven workspace decisions

Whether you manage one office or a multinational portfolio, Nspace analytics makes it easy to monitor utilization, make agile adjustments, and maximize your investment.

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Nspace workplace analytics occupancy

Maximize the in-office side of hybrid work

workplace analytics

Real-time data powers agile decisions

Reconfigure workstations to the most popular setup. Add more collaboration spaces.

Powerful insights based on live utilization data means you can create a nimble, responsive office that always works for you.

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View real-time occupancy analytics (meeting rooms, fixed vs. flexible desks, etc.)
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Understand attendance trends to develop staffing schedules that work
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Automate your visitor logbook and digital guest access tracking
Nspace workplace analytics occupancy analytics
Nspace workplace analytics occupancy bar graph
occupancy analytics

Get visibility into your space usage

Understand who is using the office to apply the insights and provide the best experience for your staff. Reconfigure your workstations based on the trends spotted on the Nspace dashboard.

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See what days employees come to the office
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Segment your data by team or department
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Understand the usage of fixed vs. flexible desks

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

Nspace Capterra rating
EFFECTIVE Space planning

Data-driven real estate allocation

Take the guesswork out of office planning. The Nspace analytics suite can show you in real time:

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What days are most popular for teams to visit the office
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Workstation occupancy statistics by type and day of week
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Meeting room demand, including room occupancy and type

Whether your office needs more flex space, private workstations, closed meeting rooms or any other resource, Nspace provides the insight you need to make high-impact decisions and meet the needs of your in-office workforce.

Nspace workplace analytics - select room analytics
Nspace workplace analytics reports

Customize dashboards that work for you

Get the data you need – the way you want it. The Nspace analytics suite works with your office software to display utilization data and create personalized dashboards that put real-time insights at your fingertips.

Business leaders choose Nspace

Leading companies of all sizes trust Nspace. Read our testimonials to find out why.

“The Nspace experience has been really positive, and the software is brilliant. Lots of folks have asked us what we’ve been using and Nspace is our secret happy find.”

Kyla Lougheed
Director of Operations, United Way
MSG global Nspace client logo

"Nspace helps administration to keep a collection of the forms. The visitors experience flexibility by accessing required forms via a QR code or link.”

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Elizabeth Hidalgo
Office Manager, MSG
BDO LOGO Nsapce client

“Nspace gives our employees peace of mind to re-enter the office safely – which is invaluable, and has de-stressed a lot of what we do."

Jim Krahn
Managing Partner, BDO

Leaders optimize their space with Nspace

"We had no formal mechanism for desk booking. Everything was manual, imprecise, and time consuming. Nspace took away all that administrative burden and gave visibility to the office."

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Insights for your real estate portfolio

No files. No spreadsheets. Just toggle between locations in the intuitive Nspace analytics suite.

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Real-time reports and dashboards

Make decisions backed by up-to-the-minute data on space occupancy and utilization in one view.

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24/7 access and 99.9999% up time

Enjoy reliable access to Nspace analytics anytime, anywhere via desktop admin portal.

ROI Calculator

How well do you use your space?

Not sure if it's time to grow or downsize your real estate portfolio in the era of hybrid work? The Nspace ROI calculator takes occupancy data across your organization so you can make data-driven decisions.

Nspace workplace analytics - office background
BuilD a world-class OFFICE EXPERIENCE

Hybrid work resources

From checklists to industry reports to case studies, we have the information you need to optimize the on-site side of hybrid work.