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Desk booking. Room reservations. Visit Planner. Everything your staff needs at their fingertips, wherever they are.

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Nspace office front desk check in

Bring the in-office side of hybrid to your mobile device.

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Sync schedules with your colleagues
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Book from mobile-friendly floor plans
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Find rooms with the right amenities for your meetings
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Do it all through Nspace, Teams and Outlook on your mobile
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employee app

Re-populate your office

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Book desks

Book a workspace from mobile-friendly floor plans.

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Explore Visit Planner

Easily sync with colleagues to make the most of your visit.

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Reserve conference rooms

Filter by amenities (display screen, whiteboard, etc.) and create a hybrid meeting to include remote attendees.

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Manage visitors

Create a professional experience including white-labelled NDAs, check-in alerts, and more.

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

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Book your space from Teams

Add the Nspace app to your Teams home screen to book any space faster.

Office 365 and more

Nspace mobile integration benefits everyone. Your employees can book directly through the Teams mobile app and integrate meeting room reservations in Outlook.

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Free download

Return-to-Office Toolkit

Reopening the office for hybrid work? The Return-to-Office Toolkit has all the information you need to welcome employees back safely and effectively.

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Building a world-class organization

Hybrid work resources

From checklists to industry reports to case studies, we have the information you need to optimize the on-site side of hybrid work.