Visitor management that's friendly and secure

Create a best-in-class visitor experience while freeing up hundreds of hours of clerical tasks.

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Nspace helps thousands of companies drive in-person collaboration
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Manage your entire visitor experience with confidence.


Your workplace, your rules – Nspace works for you

Customize the look and feel of Nspace – from branding to NDAs to screening questions and more. With Nspace, you can ensure that your entire visitor experience is personalized.

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Personalize your iPad welcome kiosks with your branding
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Customize screening questions and printed guest badges
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Track visitors access to keep your office secure
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Track visitor access to keep your office secure

Push alerts on guest arrival ensure timely greeting and printing of a visitor badge.

What's more, the Nspace web portal and mobile app provide insightful visitor analytics including detailed timestamps and entry logs.

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

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Easily track visitor logs and analytics

The Nspace portal offers a simple interface to monitor visitor traffic, review signed documents, print visitor badges and more – even manual check-in and check-out as needed.

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Automate visitor check-in process
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Set up rules to identify and block unwanted visitors
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Track staff and visitors to keep restricted areas secure
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Sign NDAs, screenings, and more with Nspace

Get visitor paperwork in order before their arrival with the secure e-signature solution built right into the Nspace visitor management suite.

Business leaders choose Nspace

Leading companies of all sizes trust Nspace. Read our testimonials to find out why.

“The Nspace experience has been really positive, and the software is brilliant. Lots of folks have asked us what we’ve been using and Nspace is our secret happy find.”

Kyla Lougheed
Director of Operations, United Way
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"Nspace helps administration to keep a collection of the forms. The visitors experience flexibility by accessing required forms via a QR code or link.”

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Elizabeth Hidalgo
Office Manager, MSG
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“Nspace gives our employees peace of mind to re-enter the office safely – which is invaluable, and has de-stressed a lot of what we do."

Jim Krahn
Managing Partner, BDO

How it works

Put your brand front and centre to make a great first impression

Nspace is a white-labeled solution, meaning your logo, colours, and custom links define every step of the experience from remote registration, to check-in, to departure.

Nspace visitor management brand personalisation

Take the guesswork out of hosting

Pre-register visitors online, auto check-in with a branded iPad kiosk app, and receive notifications of visitor arrival – everything you need to ensure a seamless guest experience from arrival to departure.

Visitor logbook data at your fingertips

View visitor traffic, review signed documents, print visitor badges, manually check guests in and out, and more – all from the secure Nspace web portal.

Nspace Visitor management pre-registration check in


Speed up visitor check-in with online pre-registration before they arrive.

Nspace visitor management self assesment

Visitor checklists

Easily configure health and safety checklists for visitors to complete before arrival.

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Make data-driven decisions based on real-time data in the Nspace visitor management dashboard.

Free up hundreds of hours of clerical tasks

"Nspace took away all the administrative burden and gave us visibility to who is visiting the office."

Free download

Return-to-Office Toolkit

Re-opening for hybrid work? The Return-to-Office Toolkit has all the information you need to welcome employees back safely and effectively.

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Why is a visitor management system important?

Manual logbooks and visitor badges have limitations – data is difficult to track, human error is common, and guests may enter unauthorized areas.

Nspace tracks and manages the flow of visitors in and out of your facility, including digital pre-registration, ID verification, and check-in. You can even print secure access badges and track visitor movements through the facility with real-time analytics.

What does this mean?

1. Security
ID verification ensures only authorized individuals enter the premises.

2. Compliance
Built-in forms ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

3. Communication
Schedule appointments, notify the host and receptionist upon visitor arrival, and provide the visitor with relevant information such as parking and meeting room location.

4. Efficiency
Automated check-in and logbooks reduce the administrative burden for front-end staff.

5. Data security
The Nspace logbook stores visitor data such as name, contact information, purpose of visit, and actual check-in/out times, enabling detailed audits.

6. Branding
Nspace is a fully white-labeled platform, meaning you can display your colours and logo to create a fully branded visitor experience.

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How to choose a visitor management solution?

There are several factors to consider when choosing visitor management software:

1. Ease of use
Look for an intuitive and low-friction experience for visitors, receptionists, and hosts alike.

2. Branding
Can you establish your brand from start to finish, or does the software put its own logo front and centre?

3. Security
Robust security features including encryption, secure data storage, and best-in-class privacy protocols.

4. Scalability
What features does the solution offer? You may not need pre-registration, wayfinding, or NDA signatures now, but software that can grow with your company always makes things easier in the long run.

5. Integrations
Does the solution integrate with Office 365 or other tools you use?

6. Customer support
Every company loves to get new clients set up, but not many are there for ongoing support when you need them. Nspace sets the customer service standard to ensure customers are successful over the long term.

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What industries use Nspace visitor management?

Nspace works for any organization that welcomes external visitors on-premises. Common use cases include:

-Office buildings (both public and private sector)
-Industrial (factories, manufacturing, warehouses, etc.)
-Schools and universities
-Health care facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, etc.)
-Government buildings (court houses, registry offices, etc.)
-Event venues (conferences, conventions, etc.)
-Retail and shopping centres (appointment-only shops, collecting visitor information, etc.)

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Is Nspace compatible with iPad kiosks?

Yes! The white-labeled Nspace app can even display your brand logo and colours to ensure a consistent experience from start to finish.

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Does Nspace offer French support?

Yes! The Nspace platform is fully French-English bilingual.

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Is there a free tier for Nspace?

Yes! The tier is a great way for offices under 20 people to see how Nspace meets your needs and preferences for ease of use by staff and data-driven insights for office managers.

Start for free

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How much does Nspace cost?

Explore our pricing tiers for companies of all sizes, from start-up to enterprise.

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Does Nspace offer an enterprise solution?

Absolutely. In fact, Nspace is designed, built, and used at scale by Arcadis IBI Group, a multinational firm with thousands of employees.

Nspace powers hybrid offices for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, providing:

-centralized management
-improved communication
-team collaboration
-cost savings
-increased flexibility
-tracking and reporting
-compliance with local laws and regulations

Explore Nspace for enterprise today

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Does Nspace support multi-location facilities?

Yes! Nspace is a flexible platform that supports both centralized and decentralized office models, ensuring a consistent experience and providing analytics across your real estate portfolio.

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