Intuitive desk booking for your hybrid office.

Find it. Book it. Sync up with colleagues. Do it all with powerful, top-rated desk booking software from Nspace.

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Collaboration powers business. Nspace powers collaboration.

Companies of all sizes trust the Nspace desk booking solution.

BUILT FOR hybrid work

Hybrid offices aren't hybrid if office utilization is low

Nspace is more than just hot desk, workspace hoteling and fixed desk booking. It's a team collaboration solution, enabling staff to easily sync their schedules and create those water-cooler moments that drive innovation.

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THE NSPACE visit planner

Find coworkers to bring people together

Nspace makes it easy to see where your colleagues have booked their desk on the days they come in. Managers can ensure team members sit near each other to maximize collaboration.

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Easily see when your colleagues will be on-site.
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Choose the best day to come into the office.
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Book the best available desk for your needs.

Industry-leading reviews

Best workplace management and hybrid work solution.

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integrations & APIS

Book a desk right from Microsoft Teams

Put hybrid work at your employees' fingertips.

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Microsoft 365

Book a desk or meeting room, find your workstation, sync with teammates — all from Microsoft Teams. Accessible from your phone or desktop.


Get meaningful office insights with our Analytics API.

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Mobile app

Book a desk anytime, anywhere — and find it quickly when you get there

Nspace provides an all-in-one solution to boost employee productivity.


Book a desk and schedule a meeting room — all from the Nspace app.


Find your colleagues and you book your space next to them.

Why workplace
leaders love Nspace

Partner with a trusted solution. Nspace is an industry leader in workplace management.

“The Nspace experience has been really positive, and the software is brilliant. Lots of folks have asked us what we’ve been using and Nspace is our secret happy find.”

Kyla Lougheed
Director of Operations, United Way
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"Nspace helps administration to keep a collection of the forms. The visitors experience flexibility by accessing required forms via a QR code or link.”

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Elizabeth Hidalgo
Office Manager, MSG
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“Nspace gives our employees peace of mind to re-enter the office safely – which is invaluable, and has de-stressed a lot of what we do."

Jim Krahn
Managing Partner, BDO
desk booking made easy

How desk booking works

Upload floor plan and assign availability

Configure fixed versus flexible desks and define team neighborhoods to set up your hybrid office for success.

Nspace upload office floor plan

Book anywhere, anytime

The Nspace mobile app empowers hybrid staff to sync with their colleagues and reserve a workspace no matter where they are.

Organize your space and boost office utilization

Maximize efficiency with real-time occupancy data and heat mapping of your real estate.

Business leaders choose Nspace

"We had no formal mechanism for desk booking. Everything was manual, imprecise, and time consuming and Nspace took away all that administrative burden and gave visibility to the office.”

Free download

Return to Office Toolkit

The Return to Office (RTO) Toolkit includes valuable information that every reopening office should consider when welcoming back employees.

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Does Nspace support both hot desking and desk hoteling?

Yes! Nspace supports booking a desk in advance (desk hoteling) and claiming one as needed upon arrival (hot desking), meaning you can configure a flexible and dynamic hybrid office that meets your specific needs.

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How to choose a desk booking solution?

There are several factors to consider when choosing desk booking software.

1. Ease of use: How many clicks or taps to book a desk, or sync with colleagues? The harder it is, the lower your office utilization.

2. Scalability: Make sure the solution can accommodate the number of users and desks you currently have, as well as potential future growth.

3. Flexibility: Look for a solution that allows you to customize and configure the booking process to meet your specific needs and preferences.

4. Integrations: Check if the solution can integrate with other tools you are already using such as calendar, email, and messaging.

5. Reporting and Analytics: Look for a solution that provides detailed usage reports and analytics so you can track and optimize the use of your office space.

6. Security: Make sure the solution has robust security features to protect the privacy and confidential information of your employees.

7. Support: Choose a solution that provides good customer service and technical support in case you need assistance.

Try Nspace for free to see it in action!

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Does Nspace integrate with Office 365?

Nspace desk booking software integrates with Microsoft Office 365 to provide a seamless and efficient tool for employees to manage and schedule their use of office space.

This integration allows employees to:
-Book and schedule desks directly from their Outlook calendar and Teams
-Send and receive booking confirmations and reminders via email
-Sync desk availability with their calendar to easily identify when a desk is free or occupied.
-Use Single Sign-On (SSO) to log into the booking system using their Office 365 credentials

By integrating desk booking software with Office 365, employees can easily manage their office space and schedule, empowering them to focus on their work and team collaboration rather than worrying about desk availability.

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Nspace desk booking app (iOS and Android)

Nspace mobile app is available both on iOS and Android, making it a breeze to book desks as well as manage and schedule office space.

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Does Nspace offer French support?

Yes! The Nspace platform is fully French-English bilingual.

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Is there a free tier for Nspace?

Yes! The trial is a great way to see how Nspace meets your needs and preferences for ease of use by staff and data-driven insights for office managers.

Start for free today

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How much does Nspace cost?

Explore our pricing tiers for companies of all sizes, from startup to enterprise.

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Does Nspace offer an enterprise solution?

Absolutely. In fact, Nspace is designed, built, and used at scale by Arcadis IBI Group, a multinational firm with 33,000+ employees.

Nspace powers hybrid offices for Fortune 500 companies worldwide, providing:

-centralized management
-improved communication
-team collaboration
-cost savings
-increased flexibility
-tracking and reporting
-compliance with local laws and regulations

Explore Nspace for Enterprise today.

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Does Nspace support multi-location facilities?

Yes! Nspace is a flexible platform that supports both centralized and decentralized office models, ensuring a consistent experience and providing analytics across your real estate portfolio.

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Does Nspace drive cost-savings?

Yes! By providing detailed reports, heat mapping and analytics, Nspace helps facility managers optimize the use of office space and reduce maintenance costs across multiple locations.

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