Nspace case study

Canada's Childrens Hospital Foundations

Managing hybrid office capacity

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"Nspace is very easy to use and has great customer service. The team is always really responsive."

Michelle Seedhouse
Human Resources Manager, Canada's Childrens Hospital Foundations

Canada's Children's Hospital Foundations (CCHF), the largest non-government funder of children's health in Canada, provides direct support to 13 children's hospitals across the country. They use Nspace to manage their hybrid office in Toronto, Canada.

We interviewed Michelle Seedhouse, the Human Resources Manager responsible for administering Nspace to CCHF employees. One of Michelle's primary responsibilities is to maintain health and safety at the office.

The challenge

Limited office capacity

CCHF originally chose Nspace as a contact tracing and pandemic response tool. They had already established a hybrid work model before the pandemic and planned to offer flexible work arrangements to their employees once it was safe to return to the office.

Luckily, CCHF knew that Nspace supported their post-pandemic use case, and the solution could grow with them. Since safely returning to the office, CCHF has maintained a flexible work model and is currently testing different office configurations to optimize their space.

CCHF must also comply with health and safety regulations concerning office capacity. The organization can host approximately 70% of their employees in the office at one time and needs to avoid overbooking. This allows CCHF to maintain an optimized office space.

A desk booking solution is critical for administrators to maintain organization and to ensure employees have a guaranteed workspace when they work from the office.

About CCHF's hybrid work model

CCHF was ahead of the trend – they implemented a hybrid work model pre-pandemic to offer employees more flexibility and work-life balance.

As it stands, employees only need to come to the office for in-person meetings or to attend company events. This allows employees complete flexibility in choosing their preferred working location.

It also means that employees' hybrid schedules can be sporadic, making it difficult to predict office capacity without a desk booking solution.

How Nspace helps

Nspace has been instrumental in supporting CCHF's hybrid office. Implementing a user-friendly desk booking solution ensured compliance with various internal processes, especially in adhering to health and safety policies.

Additionally, Nspace enables CCHF to control and cap the number of people visiting the office on a particular day.

By offering shared workspaces, CCHF can flex their office space and accommodate more employees than available desks. Employees can book their spaces in advance and see where their colleagues will be sitting.

Benefits of partnering with Nspace

When deciding which solution to partner with, Nspace stood out from the crowd due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness. The solution required minimal training for staff, resulting in an efficient and transparent desk booking system.

CCHF also enjoys partnering with the Nspace client success team. Michelle notes that Nspace is "very easy to use with great customer service."

Looking Ahead

What's in store for CCHF

As CCHF and their hybrid office evolves, they will continue to use Nspace to evaluate the most effective space setup for their employees.

This allows CCHF to focus on their core mission of supporting children's health without managing the day-to-day logistics of their hybrid office setup.